Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top fixes to get better tasting and smelling ice from your freezer.

Getting better tasting ice sometimes takes more than an activated charcoal odor absober like FridgeIt. Sometimes it means replacing your ice maker or the filter in your refrigerator. Yes many refrigerators have a filter that needs to be replaced and changed for better tasting water and ice. Here are some products to take care of that issue of replacing your water filter.

Ice maker repair kits are another option for bad tasting ice or bad smelling ice maker.  Here are some options to take care of that problem.

There are also ice making freezers for just making and holding ice. Thye can be used for daily for ice making and is portable.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners for autos and for car odors, Paper, activated charcoal, oils, sprays aand plug in all work to get rid of odors in cars,Trucks RVs and in boats.

Auto odor eliminators and car odor absorbers

Car odor absorbers and auto odor eliminators come in many options, from activated ccharcoal, solids, sprays and plug ins all with the goal of getting rid of your odors and smells in your cars, trucks, RV and boats.

Shoe odor absorbers

Shoe and foot odor is another top search for odor elimination products,. Inserts, powders, sprays and activated charcoal are all good options for odor from footware, shoes, sneakers, boots and sports equipment.

Female and vaginal odor problems

Female and vaginal odor problems is the number one serach for odor on the web.  In doing some research on the products available, these are the ones I have found so far for these female odor issues. 

Body odor and deodorant for odor elimination.

Body Odor is a top search on how to get rid of this sticky and smelly odor issue

Naturally Activated Charcoal and Activated Carbon Odor Absorbers

Naturally activated charcoal is the best odor absorber options. Fragrance free, non toxic  and easy to use.

Natural Odor Eliminators


Natural odor eliminators come many forms and options.  Natural odor abosrbers and  eco friendly odor cotntrol solutions.